Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past Inspired Readathon

Heads up everyone this is going to be a long post as it is going to contain all the Readathon Rules and Prompts and everything. So go grab yourself a cup of tea, coffee, wine, whatever you like and a snack because we are going to be here for a while.

I am delighted tell you that I am hosting my first ever readathon. the dates are still pending but what would you prefer. October and November or November and December. I am going to host it over the course of two months. Due to there being a lot of prompts and bonus prompts etc. You sign up at any time from now to November. But Readathon won’t be starting until either October or November depending what you prefer. Let me know on my Twitter Poll that runs out soon.

A few days ago I got the privilege of speaking with Princess Zelda of Hyrule about hosting a readathon based on her Queendom and she was, thankfully, delighted and even gifted me with a few items, one for each and every one of you. Those items are as follows and will help you out in the various mini games (that I will go onto explain later on) and reading Sprints that will take place over on Twitter. (My Twitter link will be included at the bottom, along with any other links.)
Pegasus Boots – To help you move quickly through the Reading Sprints
Power Glove – To help you carry those paperback books
Titan’s Mitt – To help you carry all those heavy hardback books and bonus content books
Zora’s Flippers – Obviously you Zora’s are not going to be needing these.
Hylian Shield -Everyone needs protection of some form, you can trade your shield for a better one (See Weapons prompts further down)

Unfortunately The Princess was captured by Ganon and that changed the course of our readathon a little, now we are all on a quest to save the Princess from the clutches of Evil.

There are four teams and to decide the teams that you will be on I have devised this little multiple choice quiz, it will take you just five minutes to complete and will give you your team.

Take the following quiz before reading any further.
Each team has its own strengths and weaknesses that will help you and hinder you on your quest to saving the Princess. You also all have your own unique starting point and a book assigned to that which you must start with.

Question 1: What would you say your strength was?
A. Bravery
B. Hard Working
C. Great Swimmer
D. Wisdom

Question 2: What would you say your weakness was?
A. Scared of a stupid to you fear
B. Not a natural warrior
C Not the best at fighting
D.Rarely read short books

Question 3: What weapon would you favour over all others?
A. Master Sword
B. Hammer
C. Hookshot
D. Books

Question 4: How often do you read Audio books?
A.Quite often
B. Every so Often
C. Rarely
D. Never

Question 5: How often do you read big books (over 500 pages)?
A. Sometimes
B. Every once in a while
C. Depends on my mood
D. All the time

Question 6: Final question. What kinds of books do you like to read?
A. Thriller/Mystery/Crime
B. You have your favourite authors you favour over all others
C. You are a mood reader
D. Anything that comes to your dwelling.

Now I need you all to be honest here. What was your result? Tally up your answers and find your team below. If you find that you have three of two then you can pick your team, otherwise rules are the to be followed my friends.

Mostly A’s  Congratulations You are Team Link


Strengths: Due to being the hero of the story you automatically own The master Sword and can complete Palaces in any order, however Ganon’s Palace must be done last.

Weaknesses: Due to being scared of Green Peppers you are unable to read any books that have only green covers (Books that have other colours on them are fine (Although having just other coloured writing doesn’t count)) and can’t read any books with anything to do with food or drink on the over or in the title


Mostly B’s Congratulations you are Team Kakariko


Strengths: Due to being hard workers you get an additional three days head start, or if you are a late joiner you get an addition three days at the end of Readathon

Weaknesses: Due to not being natural warriors, you must complete two books for your first weapon instead of just one (Prompts will follow below.)


Mostly C’s Congratulations you are Team Zora


Strengths: Zora’s are amazing swimmers and so once they have completed the Swamp Palace they may skip any other palace after that and count it as completed.

Weakness: Due to not being the best fighters and a naturally peaceful race you must have at least four different weapons at your disposal and are unable to wield the master Sword


Mostly D’s Congratulations you are Team Sage



Strengths: Able to see the future and tell what is going to happen and can therefore DNF one book that is over 300 pages and still count as read (However must complete the book for Ganon’s Tower)

Weaknesses: Due to being scholars you are unable to read a book that is under 150 pages and not allowed to class audio books as read for the dungeons.


So what team did you get? Let me know on my Pinned Twitter Post which is @KateADale


Now lets move onto the Rules for each part

Weapons –
Rules: The weapons you choose are entirely up to you and you choice with help you in various mini games that will be held over on my Twitter during the Readathon. Although do remember that Zora’s can’t pick the Master Sword. Link automatically has the Master Sword. The Sages will be unable to choose the Lanturn (see the prompt).
You must choose at least two weapons to help you on your quest. You can only choose a maximum of four weapons. Link however will be able to have a maximum of five, due to automatically having Master Sword and will therefore not have to complete the prompt to earn that.
You must claim your weapons first before completing the quest and must declare them in the Tweet that will be provided, prior to reading. These weapons can’t be changed. So choose wisely.
So to be clear you can’t start your quest of the Dungeons and Palaces until you have declared your Weapons and read the corresponding book

Starting Point:
Each Team has their own starting point, as I mentioned above and will have to read that book before starting their quest, although after the weapons books. You are more than welcome to read other teams’s books but they will simply class as bonus if you finish the quest.

Finally we come to the Book Prompts – be warned there is a long list and remember. You only have to choose a minimum of two weapons (unless you are Zora who MUST have four) and a maximum of five, see weapons information above again if confused. You can also always ask me.
Dungeons must be completed in the order they are listed here. Unless you are Team Link and then you can do them in any order however you must still complete your chosen weapons and starting point books before begining you Dungeons books.

The Starting Point Books – Again you must read this one first.

Team Link –
What a revelation you wake up from a nightmare and find that the Princess Zelda, the girl you are secretly in love with has been captured by Ganon (Otherwise known as Pigface) and is in danger. Read a book with royalty in it.

Team Kakariko –
Home is where the heart is. In the quiet village of Kakariko the inhabitants go about their daily chores, getting their work done and repeating on a rinse like cycle. Read a book with a building on the cover.
Team Zora –
Splash. Splash. Crashing Waterfalls. Of course the Zora’s domain is a water fall. What else did you expect. They are indeed the water dwellers. Read a book with water on the cover or read an entirely blue book

Team Sage –
Those seven sages always the wise men with a thirst for knowledge and their noses and beards stuck in a book. Read a book that has only words on the cover and no images of anything at all.


Weapons: You must complete these second and choose minimum of two and up to four (Zora’s must have four)
Arrows: a book with an archer in the book or a book with a bow on the cover

Boomerang: a book you have already read

Bombs: a book that takes place during/ in a war (Any kind of war, fantasy or real)

Bug Catching Net – A book with an insect on the cover

Cane of Bryna – a book with a beautiful cover that you want to protect

Fire Rod – a book with fire (either actual fire of the word fire) on the cover or a red book

Hammer: Read a hardback book

Hookshot – Reach out towards your shelf and pull out a random book (if next in series you haven’t read you can choose the first in the series that you have to read. Or if Link chooses green book you will have to pick again)

Ice Rod – a book with a white cover

Invisibility Cloak -A book with a dust jacket

Lantern – A light read. Pick a book that is less than 150 pages (Sorry Sages you can’t choose this one

Master Sword – A book with a sword or dagger on the cover (Link doesn’t need to complete this one and Zora’s are unable too)

Mirror Shield – a retelling, that can be any kind of retelling

Staff of Somaria – Most Recent Purchase.


Dungeons – These must be completed in order. Unless you are on Team Link you can do them in any order. Although Ganon’s Tower is always last.

Eastern Palace – Read a book set in medival times or with the word night in the books title (Bonus of 30 points for your team (More on that below in bonus prompts etc) if the word is spelt Knight instead of night.

Desert Palace – a book set in Ancient Egypt or a yellow book

Tower of Hera – a book that takes place on a mountain or a collection of short stories.

Hyrule Castle – Read a sequel or next in a series

Palace of Darkness – a book with a black cover or just a dark colour

Swamp Palace – a book that takes place at least partly on water, e.g on a ship

Skull Woods – a book with a moth or butterfly on the cover

Thieves Hideout – A book that you don’t personally own e.g, a book from your library, a friend/family members book

Ice Ruins – a book with a winter scene on the cover or a book with a word associated with winter in the books title. E.g. Snow, cold, white.

Misery Mire – A book with an eye on the cover or a green book (Sorry Link you will have to pick a book with an eye on it)

Turtle Rock – a book with three or more colours on the cover.

Ganon’s Tower – Read a book that end on an odd number of pages, however must be over 390 pages.


Points and Bonus Prompts: You don’t have to have completed Ganon’s Tower to read any of these books, although you do still have to complete Ganon’s Tower last, but that mean you can complete the dungeons and then move onto these books it is up to you how you do it. As long as you complete the Dungeons in the order stated above.

Bonus Books –

Book of Mudora – A book over 350 pages – You can use this book to take over the prompt of any of the Dungeons or palaces. (must state which one and can only use it once)

The following books will each earn you points for you team. Each book you read will earn you the amount of points that coincide with the amount of pages in the book, according to Goodreads. There are specific rules that come with them. These don’t have to be done in any order, the only rules are posted next to each prompt.
Also quick note Completing Ganons Tower earns you team an extra bonus of 1000 points, plus the amount of pages in the book that you read.

Hyrule Fields – Any time after completing weapons prompts
Read a book that takes place outdoors

Death Mountain – any time after competing Desert Palace
Read a book with over 500 pages

Magic Shop – Any time after completing Eastern Palace
Read a book with magic in it

Lost Woods – Any time after completing Tower of Hera
Close your eyes and grab a random book (Link for this one you can read a green book)

Sanctuary – Any time after completing weapons prompts
Breathe! Read a graphic novel or Manga

Graveyard – Any time after completing weapons prompts
Read a ghost story, zombie apocalypse book anything to do with the dead

Desert of Mystery – any time after completing Eastern Palace
Read a Thriller/Crime/ Mystery

Village of Outcasts – any time after completing Thieves Hideout
Read a book that you have low expectations for

Lake of Omen – Anytime after completing Misery Mire
Read a book you have heard bad things about

Pyramid of Power – Any time after Turtle Rock
Read a book that you previously DNF’d



Points: I am developing a points system with is a little like Hogwarts House Points and will keep a track of each teams points. Basically the little mini challenges will explain what points you get for each prompt, although the weapons you choose will depend on what mini games you can take part in. it will make sense on the various prompts I promise. I just can’t explain it all here right now, as I am still in the process of sorting this part out

Every member of the winning team will be entered into a prize draw and I will randomply choose a winner and a runner up.
Winner will receive books up to the value of £20 of your choice from Amazon (must be willing to provide me with address to send them to you)

One Runner up will recieve books up to the value of £10 of your choice from Amazon (must be willing to provide me with address to send them to you)


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